Savvy solutions in the wine business

Envision marketing strategies for wine producers
Italian wines promotion through B2B and B2C events
Implementation of tailor-made sales incentive programs
Assistance to distributors in sales team training

Your guide to the Italian wine trails

Courses and tastings for wine lovers, focusing on native grape varieties
Wine list creation for enotecas and restaurants, featuring rare wines
Tour organization for curious travelers, in search of Italian wines and gastronomic specialties

Promotion, Communi­cation and Education

LEGAMI is based on a profound knowledge of overseas markets, consumer trends, distribution systems and distributors requirements.

We provide our wineries with our expertise and professionalism for wine consultancy. Our team helps importers to find strategies that minimize transport and distribution costs.

LEGAMI cooperates with distributors to create effective, customized marketing materials and sales incentive programs, such as wine dinners, B2B tasting sessions and sales team training.

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The professionals of our team reside in Italy, Russia and Asia. We help Italian wineries to develop export models suitable for each country. The same skills are at the service of foreign distributors to create B2B tasting sessions, sales force training and any kind of promotional activities.

Autentico italiano tour

We love Italy: with these taylor made tours we accompany travelers to discover hidden spots and details of millennial history of Bella Italia. On each trip we will get to know winemakers and producers of the local gastronomic specialties.

salottodivino club

Salottodivino.Club is a space created to share interest in Italian wines with other enthusiasts. Informative material on the grape, terroir and people working in the winery. Our colleagues working in the wine and food sector reserve special privileges to the members of the Club.

selezione legami

We are able to select the greatest Italian wines at the best quality/price ratio. Our team helps importers to find strategies that minimize distribution costs. Different services dedicated to Distributors, wine bars and restaurants, as well as wine shops.

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