Selezione Legami

Direct price from the wineries, save money​

What kind of wine lover are you?

We are able to select Italian wines at the best quality/price ratio. 

Our team helps importers to find strategies that minimize transport and distribution costs. 

We have dedicated services to each of the following categories: overseas distributors, enotecas, restaurants and wine lovers.


Do you have an Italian wines distribution business?


Do you have an Italian wine distribution business?
Do you manage purchases in a restaurant or wine bar?
Do you own a wine shop?

The “pallet misto” groupage is the chance of receiving wines from different wineries, in a unique shipment (single invoice, single electronic eAD issue and any other fiscal documents). All with only one order and from a sole warehouse.

We are not resellers or traders! You have the direct price from the wine producers, without top-ups.

LEGAMI works to couple wineries, looking for solutions to optimize distribution costs from the vineyard to the final consumer.

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Do you manage wine purchases?


Do you manage wine purchases in your restaurant?
Do you own a wine shop?

The SELEZIONE LEGAMI allows you to receive the most distinctive Italian wines from the wineries associated with us with a single order and a unique shipment by courier.

You will have the direct price from the producer, without top-ups because we all understand that to give you savings and benefits we need to combine efforts and share the costs of distribution structures.

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for wine lovers only


Are you a wine lover or an Italian wine connoisseur?
Do you want to find the rarest Italian wines from autochthonous grapes?

We can buy for you the wines of the SENTIERI DI VINO, as well as the collection wines with the purchase “en primeur” of Barolo, Barbaresco, SuperTuscan wines directly from the producers.

We can also select for you a collection of wines with the following different themes:

Wines from Alps (Fumin, Petite Arvine, Torrette, Valtellina Superiore)

Wines from the seaside (Bolgheri, Liguria region, Lunigiana, Mazara del Vallo in South-West part of Sicilia)

The rarest autochthonous (Favorita, Nascetta, Fumin, Cagnulari, Grignolino, Pelaverga)

A selection of Vermentinos (from Bolgheri, Liguria region, Lunigiana and Sardegna island)

The widest bouquet from whites (Petite Arvine, Favorita, Friulano, Grillo)

Tiny denominations (Albugnano Doc, Bolgheri Doc, Orcia Doc, Nizza Docg)

Shades of Nebbiolo (Albugnano Doc, Nebbiolo d’Alba Doc, Roero Docg, Valtellina Superiore Docg)

Jewels from Nebbiolo (single vineyard Barbaresco Docg and Barolo Docg)