Sentieri di vino

Speaking of wine

A glass of Martinez cocktail on a table

The Martinez

Through an itinerary full of cultural insights and historical hints, we will talk about the most famous cocktails, the distillates used and some of the

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Wine club sign made from corks

Wine club

We define a club as a circle or association of people who engage in a common activity for leisure and pastime, often comparing and exchanging

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Young people toasting with white wine for an aperitif

Generation Z

Italian wine is enjoying a moment of growth in all markets. However, we wonder how solid the positions gained so far are. What about the

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Sentieri di vino

During the harvest season (“vendemmia” into Italian) the wide range of grapes grown in the Italian vineyards becomes visible.

SENTIERI DI VINO (wine trails) discovers the less known Doc and Docg Italian wines as well as the
autochthonous grape varieties.

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